Fado is a type of music originating in Lisbon probably around the 1820’s , typified by themes of longing. So passionate for this music are they in Portugal that they declared three days of mourning when one of their most famous singers (fadista),  Amália Rodrigues died in 1999. She is buried in the National Pantheon here in Lisbon, along with this bloke that everyone learned about in school…

5 thoughts on “Lisbon – Fado restaurant

  1. Did your have any Fado singers at your restaurant? I have an Amalia Rodriguez CD. And went to an amazing exciting Mariza concert at the Opera House.

    1. There were lanes our restaurants and bars that had advertised Fado but we didn’t know how to discern the good from the touristy.
      Wow – Mariza would have been terrific live. Just her in video is electric.

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