Wherein we jag a excellent stay in a palace.

The Lerma Ducal Palace is the palace of the dukes of Lerma occupying the whole of one side of the city’s Plaza. It was built in 1601. Now a hotel.

A offhand remark by our travel buddy along the lines of “I guess an upgrade is out of the question” was met with silence.  We didn’t know until we checked floor numbers outside that this got us up to each one of the two spire rooms you see on the corners.

I was as shocked as the entrance way.

Travel buddy went back to reception and cried a grateful thanks.

Surprisingly it was only a smidgen over our budget.

2 thoughts on “Map check – Lerma

  1. The symmetry of this ducal palace is jaw dropping. And the interiors aren’t too bad either. How wonderful to soak in the atmosphere of this ancient gem.

    1. Thanks Clare.
      Found out later that this this hotel is part of a profitable state run hotel chain, Parador that utilises Spain’s historic sites.
      Nice way to keep them maintained.

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