Problem: Arrive at Paris airport in the morning, hungry after an early start and long journey.

Sitting down in a café hoping for a substantial breakfast.

American solution:

(Loudly) “Have you got any meat?”

Sorry madam, the kitchen has closed until lunch

“So what are you going to give me that’s hot?”

We have only croissants

Accepts croissant option.

Australian solution:

“Bonjour. Could we get some eggs broooo-yay (scrambled) please?”

“Sorry monsieur, kitchen has closed until lunch”

“Oh nooo, we’re starving!”

“One moment”

Within minutes we had two plates groaning with the most delicious scrambled eggs and fried tomatoes.

Sated, we thanked Bapiste profusely and skipped along on our way again.

I know I sound sanctimonious and bang on about this but I see this happen time and time again. Some simple manners and respect go a hell of a long way and open doors.

Oh, and..

The English Solution:

True story.

BTW – High speed (300kph) train from the French country side direct to the airport is easy and comfortable. Free wifi faster than the NBN.

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