Time enough to head into town and feast on the specialities of the island. This time it was Roti Canai, a Mamak dish.

A crispy croissant-like pastry perfectly suited to soaking up curry sauce. A secondary contrasting chilli jam is sometimes offered, in our case a tell-tale ikan bilis revealing the source of the complex flavour.

Our dear friends, Tony and Clare enlighten us about this very simple but delectable snack. We headed off to a highly rated purveyor.

Mahamoodiya is in Tanah Merah (Put “one” in front of it and you will have an ear worm for the rest of the day.)

Why no actual windows or doors? ┬áVentilation of course in Singapore 30┬║ heat, but if you are open 24 hours you don’t need to close anything!

So I dips my lid to Tone. Mastercraftsman, inventor of the Ruxton fire pit , connoisseur of Asian food, Ducati motorcycles, German power tools and Western Swing among the plethora of fine things that interest him.

He has a tough medical battle on his hands at the moment.

We are thinking of him.

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    1. Thanks Arti, sure did. A beer would have been nice too…but that’s another religion.

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