Photos without stories…

Township at 9pm.

Anne and Thierry surprised us by wearing the T-shirts we brought from Australia for them.

Restaurant in a cellar.

A window view.

It was so hard to leave these guys when they have been so friendly.

Fun fact: He is giving us the thumbs up as he has observed we ( and probably most Aussies) do it all the time as a quick reaction when we can remember the language, ( ie for: “OK”, “Yep”, “Tops mate” or “Beaudy”), otherwise it’s French for “one of something”.

2 thoughts on “Chablisienne pic dump

  1. Hi Guys. Your photos are like a magnet. I can almost imagine how wonderful it must be. Maybe I need to squeeze my eyes tighter. I think the car at the rear is a Peugeot, and is the other a Simca? I remember them in my schooldays.Keep that shutter finger exercised Sean. Love from Bourke Street.

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