Valrhona is a contraction of Valley of the Rhône and started chocolate making in 1922. One of the 10 best chocolatiers in the world. How could we go past a tour? ( Warning: Photos of delicious chocolates ahead)

How about these that just came off the enrobing machine?

Now back to the tour…

First you scan your ticket. A dispenser ejects 2 different perfectly presented squares of chocolate, which we ate straight away. The video then said not to eat the chocolates yet so you can answer the questions about nuances in bitterness and sweetness.

Then you amble around a maze of presentations. You are rewarded on your journey. Here you can help yourself to two types of ‘caramel butters’. An argument then broke out if it was caramel ‘buttons’ or ‘butters’.

Then if you answered some questions, the little dispenser would unlock and you could help yourself again. What happened though once people saw it was unlocked they rushed over and jammed their hand in for a fist full. Very respectfully of course – its France don’t forget.

Some dispensers where hidden in corners and the news would quickly spread.

Then in the kiosk. White to black in 16 steps.

Pictures to help you salivate if you are having trouble.


How we went in.

What we did.

How we came out

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  1. I was about to say the answering of the questions to get a prize unlocked seemed pretty familiar. Did you get to try any of the new ruby chocolate?

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