The light in this part of France so captivated Van Gogh he produced most of his work here.

Caffeinated and armed with our map of important places in his life, we set off…

The sobering asylum he checked himself into after hospitalisation for cutting his ear off.

And inside, a re-creation of his tiny room and bed. Tinged with sadness.

Then uplifted with examples of his work and the places he dabbed colours on his canvases.

Tip: Frances’s L’office d’Tourismes are everywhere and very friendly and helpful!

2 thoughts on “Arles

  1. I bet this was lovely to explore. The whole thing of being there instead of reading about it.

    1. … accompanying Don McLean’s poignant words:

      Now I think I know
      What you tried to say to me
      And how you suffered for your sanity
      And how you tried to set them free
      They would not listen, they’re not listening still
      Perhaps they never will

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