There are seaside destinations like St Maxime and St Tropez where you jostle to book your spot on the beach or a dinner table days ahead. Parking your car requires military style planning.

Then there is Menton.

Instantly warm and welcoming. Bustling but accomodating. A port town but with crystal clear swimming water. English, French and Italian languages intermingle.

Béatrice runs a tiny oasis of a B and B dead centre of town.

The serenity of the place only broken by that squawk of seagulls. You know the ones – you hear them in English movies set by the seaside?  Béatrice is a world weary traveller but a font of local knowledge.

Mere metres away, like red corpuscles in an artery, humanity streams between beach and food, libation and trinket shops.

Scan the menus for interesting items.

Take her recommendation and you find the best seafood risotto (with smoked caviar) you have ever had.Still time for an evening stroll on the beach.

..and catch some music on the way home.






4 thoughts on “Menton

  1. The Menton seaside pics reminded me very much of my favourite paintings by Raoul Dufy of Nice. Google Images will show you many but your photos show where the colours come from. Nice Menton photos!

  2. The panorama of sea, swimmers, buildings and stunning sky draws you right into the scene. And experience.

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