Instead, we meet up with my brother who arranged some things to do.

Here our walking tour guide, Lucia, spoke to a security guard at the back of a church and a door opened to this beautiful garden.

Then into another church that hadĀ on ceiling the largest canvasĀ painting in the world. It took 20 years to complete. Canvas was unusual for the day as applying paint directly onto plaster was the norm but does last as long. Legend has it that the artist fell off the scaffold and died when he completed it.

Mike’s artistic eye caught this.


Since he had already been in Venice a few days, he knew where to eat. Praise the lord – this can be a job.

After main course, ever the italophile, Mike enquired of our delightful host about some ‘dolce’. She hoisted him by the arm up to the display counter and took him through the descriptions and qualities of today’s selection.

This was of course much more important than her attending to the gathering throng seeking tables.

The chocolate cake that arrived was so rich and dark it was barely able to be photographed.

A water colour lesson was next.

My attempt. Nicola, the tutor was very inspiring.

Even when he kept saying:

“Attention. Sean. Not-a to-a darka”

“Attention. Sean. Keep-a the colour flow-in-gah”

Time for more food. White anchovies and pink peppercorns – match made in heaven.

The night ended with a Vivaldi concert – but no photos were allowed. Soz.


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