Parisians are polite and respectful. So it’s unusual to find yourself crowded and jostled.  What’s going on?? You have been targeted for a pick pocketing.

Found this out within minutes of arriving in Paris and attempting to board a metro train. It was suddenly difficult to get through the boarding crowd and these are the critical moments they strike.  They can grab your wallet and jump off just as the doors are closing.

My attention was drawn to Kim who hadn’t managed to get on yet in the crush. Things were agitating and I was being pushed aside – aware enough though that there was a hand going down my front pocket. I reefed his arm away and before I had finished saying “Get yer fucken hand off my wallet!” they all disappeared back onto the platform behind the closing doors.

Interesting game plan. They knew where my wallet was, though not hard in jeans. They created the crowd and the diversion. They also exploited blocking Kim from getting on so that my attention would be diverted.

What rang the alarm bells was the jostling. The people of France are very respectful and would not infringe your personal space without a “Pardon!” and they also would attempt to make room for you.