Given this is my 7th trip, don’t expect Notre Dames or Sacré-Coeurs, however this metro station floored me. Full on steam-punk in copper. The portholes had little steam-punk vignettes inside too.

Can you imagine a shopping centre in Australia that provides shrubbery, open area seating and a cooling mist when it gets hot?  Its amenity over commercial expediency, Mr Westfield.

Reminders of how the street you are walking on looked like 75 years ago.

A simple, cheap sustaining lunch.

This shop only sold these. I don’t get the economics.

Same goes for this one.

You may remember a pic of a bridge years ago covered in lover’s padlocks. It got so laden the guardrail nearly collapsed into the Seine. The local government had to remove 40 tonnes of locks.

Here is the solution. Rebuild it out of materials thicker than the average lock shank.