I have been following the explosion of street art here for years and its good to seeĀ its still very much alive.

What’s this pic of the Paris town hall got to do with it?

Well, the pics I have of street art show the grungier side of Paris. It is otherwise beautiful!

Tiles, paste ups, sprays, stencils and everything else.

Alan Turing. Theoretical inventor of the computer and cracker of the Enigma machine. Persecuted for his persuasion.

I asked our French friends what this meant and their struggle to translate it fascinated me, even though they are good speakers of English. Roughly: “You may have failed, but at least you have done something”

Even civic works.

Ah yes, but this one takes the cake. Can you spot it??

The whole door and masonry looking surround, fully building code compliant, is the street art work! Solid wall behind it. Detailed down to the false street number (top right), door locks, letter slot and business plaque, which are the initials of the artists (“Specialistes”). No one has imagined this before. Love it.