France has long struggled to reduce its use of pesticides angering both farmers and environmentalists at every step.

In 2019, a ban on pesticides within 10 metres of residential areas was of course met with outrage on both sides.

But if both sides are equally angered then hasn’t progress, however slight, been made?

Anyway, later that same year, Paris and four other major cites banned pesticides within their boundaries. This was seen as largely symbolic as bans are already in place for public gardens.

So what do you get when you ban pesticides in your verdant city?

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You will most likely see bees in any boulangerie, even the upmarket ones, covering the sugariest delicacies.

The French, in typical fashion, completely ignore them.

It’s quite funny to see tourists jump out of their chairs when they discover a native bee wanting to share part of their pain au raisins. They’re harmless.

These days there are hives all over Paris. Even the Michelin-starred La Tour D’Argent has their own hive and serves its produce.

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Courses in public gardens and in schools.

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If bees are the canary-in-the-coal mine then Paris is doing fine.

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  1. The bees on the pastry! How amazing! Nice to see the bees flourishing 馃悵

    Ps love the photo of mike on the scooter. Looks like an album cover

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