The French call this lèche-vitrine – licking the shop window – which captures the frisson of desire “window shopping” lacks.

Unbelievable array of eye-popping esoterica and exotica to feast on.

Oyster shop – dine in , takeaway or delivery.

Foie gras – the entire shop not just this cabinet.

Ink and nib things

African things.

Hand made paper things including a paper shirt.

Making viennoiserie things

Thingy things.

Turns out this is a just hotel entrance – so can’t buy anything. Sad.

Did I mention this banquet for the eyes is all within a block from our digs?

Bees – postscript

A found a shop where you can buy the honey from the city’s bees, even localised to our district, the Marais. This would be like buying say Wooloomooloo honey. Of course the shop has hundreds of other varieties from around the world.

Don’t worry – it’s just a bee. All good.

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  1. The first two pictures are exactly what I think shops in Paris look like when I picture them. However, not with so many bees

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