Have followed the street art for a while now, however the likes of Blek Le Rat and Jef Aérosol have made their statements and moved on and it’s a very fragmented canvas now.

Still room for puns

Mini galleries when you can’t find a commercial outlet.

Or when you find a way to make street art itself commercial. Barcode takes you to a Non-fungible token website.

Or if you see a gap in the market..or in the road!

I do love the mail box commemorative-people-in-your-district series.

As far as street decoration goes some say these outbreaks of plastic flowers festooned on cafés is going too far. I am not sure. Must give the bees the shits though.

Not my photo

4 thoughts on “Paris – street art

  1. I love the little pockets of art joy!!! More of them!!!! And the fake flowers have to go – it’s so ugly!!!! I cannot believe they are tolerated in Paris of all places.

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