The sea and the tide define life in Olhão. The tide is critical for the shellfish, the clams and the oysters which are surprisingly very labour intensive to sustain. The harbour is the world’s largest rookery(?) of sea-horses.

Litter bins and street furniture carry the theme.

Arozz de mariscos – Shellfish rice – wondrously rich.

The seas and tides also determine the economics of living.

Shellfish themed butter.

A banquet of seafood.. (and a steak dish).

Powerful and simple message in the fishing village.

Some fish at the markets.

We noticed at some of the restaurants that after you ordered, the chef would simply nip out and over the road to the market and back. Talk about fresh.

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  1. Seahorses – somewhat solitary and usually not more than two live together – but if there was a group then it would be a herd or a shoal. And a google search results in no conclusion.

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