We met Kevin and Bill when we stayed in their house a stone’s throw from their Chateau in Villars, France.

They hosted sumptuous dinners…

..and we felt like royalty.

Kim has since followed Kevin’s travels on Facebook and he is an exceptional photographer.

We were fishing around for some place warm and relaxing after buzzing around Paris and London. “I have a place for you in Olhão” he offered.

So next thing we are here being shown around neighbouring Fuzeta in his nifty electric Fiat 500.

Fluent in Portuguese plunged us into the Portuguese culture.

Kevin has imbued us with his love of the region.

He also fielded my constant questioning – like why these fish in the market are biting their tails?

… to hold the flesh together when frying them.

At our last meeting we inaugurated the Flat White day at the Casa Amor café! (It’s a long story)

So here’s to you Kevin – a big thank you. What a wonderful gentleman. Hope we meet again soon.

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